BRUSH CUTTER M2600 (4 in 1)

BRUSH CUTTER M2600 (4 in 1)


M2600 (4 attachment)


1. Long reach hedge trimmer is a trimmer blade mounted on the shaft of the brush cutter, used for trimming and shaping particularly tall, long or extra-wide hedges. A carrying strap allows the user to work without tiring.

2. Pole pruners make it easier and safer to prune fruit trees and thin our shrubs and brushea, fro the branches can be cut without leaving the ground when using this chain saw on the pole. The machine can prun branches up to a height of roughly 5m.

3. Powerful Brush cutters cut through thick and thin when the motor mower is out of its depth.

4. Cut Head double line for cutting and thinning out, the nylon line is kept at the optimum cutting length fully automatically.